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Essie May

Organic Sage with Lavender

Organic Sage with Lavender

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White Sage is a powerful smudging herb! Sage has a cleansing, clearing, and purifying effect on you and your living space, banishing any bad vibes. Meanwhile, Lavender brings a wave of tranquil peace to your home.


  1. Using a match or lighter light the end of the Sage or Palo Santo for a few seconds
  2. Blow out any flame of the smudge bundle or stick. The trick smudging is that your dried herb should smolder slowly, releasing thick smoke. Waft this smoke around your body and the space you are smudging. This can be done with your other hand (not the one you are holding the smudge stick in) or with a feather.
  3. Collect any ash in a ceramic bowl or shell.
  4. When you finish, be sure to put the smudge stick out by pressing into a bowl of sand, then give thanks to the angels or guides who you called upon.

Safety Instructions

  • Always proceed with caution when lighting your smudge stick
  • Always use a fireproof container to hold the smudge stick while it is smoldering.
  • Keep a bowl of sand or water nearby in case of emergencies.
  • Never leave a lit smudge stick unattended.
  • Use caution when smudging around pets or people with respiratory issues.
  • Be mindful of cultural or spiritual traditions associated with smudging and respect the practice.
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