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Essie May

Heart Shaped Tea Strainer

Heart Shaped Tea Strainer

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This tea strainer is crafted from the highest quality 410 grade stainless steel. Its rustproof durability and fine mesh filter enables you to steep the perfect cup of tea every time. Loose tea leaves have room to expand for maximum flavor, while the heart shape adds a special touch. A unique gift for any tea lover, this strainer will bring years of enjoyment.


Wash your strainer before use.
Open your hear tea straining an place your tea leaves inside.
Close your strainer securely.
Place in cup and poor hotwater into your cup.
Let your strainer sit in your cup for 3-5mins.
Remove and enjoy your tea.

Safety Instructions

Wash before first use.
Wash after every use.
Handle with care.
Keep out of reach from children and dogs

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