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Essie May

Green Quartz Seed of Life Pendant (on sterling silver chain)

Green Quartz Seed of Life Pendant (on sterling silver chain)

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Experience the enchanting beauty of our Green Quartz Tree of Life Pendant on a sterling silver chain. Experience the perfect blend of sophistication and symbolism with this stunning piece. 

Tap into the power of creation with the Green Quartz Seed of Life Pendant. This symbol holds a deeper meaning and purpose, as it is found at the heart of the ancient Flower of Life. Its geometric design is a cosmic reminder of consciousness and potential.

Green quartz is known to promote harmony and understanding in relationships, while also helping individuals remain calm and composed during challenging circumstances. Its ability to spark creativity has been highly regarded, and it is believed to alleviate anxiety and promote financial prosperity, as well as aid in the healing process after illness.

Safety Instructions

Keep out of reach of children & pets.

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