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Essie May

Renewal Blend

Renewal Blend

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Grew from demand for an effortless practical solution to stabilise and bolster the entire body.  Harnessing the natural power of plants and fungi!

Simply shake into your preferred milk or blend into smoothies. Stir it into yogurt, porridge, or cereal for an easy boost!  Staring with a 10g serving working up to a 30g serving.  

Consistency is key! Take daily for a minimum of eight weeks to experience the full benefits.

All products are 100% vegan-friendly, organic, plant based and free from dairy, gluten and soya.

All packaging is 100% plant-based, compostable and eco-friendly.


Marvellous Superfood are proud to source all of their ingredients from certified organic suppliers with exceptional fair-trade standards and ethics. Fair-trade plantations provide vital employment to many local people, especially women, who can work close to home and get paid a fair living wage. All ingredients used to make the Renewal Blend are produced in the optimum soil and production conditions that they require to be at their best quality.


Reishi, Lion's mane,  Cordyceps, Maca, Pea protein, Cacao, Ashwaganda, Lacuma

and nothing else!

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