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Essie May

Rose Quartz Infinity Knot Pendant (on sterling silver chain)

Rose Quartz Infinity Knot Pendant (on sterling silver chain)

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Experience the enchanting beauty of our Rose Quartz Infinity Knot Pendant on a sterling silver chain. Experience the perfect blend of sophistication and symbolism with this stunning piece. 

The eternal knot, sometimes called the “endless knot” or “the glorious knot” is called དཔལ་བེའུ། or palbeu in Tibetan. In Sanskrit, it is called shrivasta. Because the knot has no beginning and no end, the eternal knot symbolizes the endless wisdom and compassion of the Buddha

Experience the healing and unconditional love of rose quartz with our Tree of Life pendant. This powerful crystal emits vibrations of love that inspire compassion, support emotional and relationship healing, and boost feelings of peace and calm.

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Keep out of reach of children & pets.

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